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Case Study One


Case Study One

Everyone watches what that politicians do. There is no part of a politician’s life that do not get followed by the media. This makes a politician extra careful about what he or she does in the public eye. But even so, bad press coverage is bound to happen. When one reporter or television broadcast gets wind of a story, that sets the bloodhounds off and soon every reporter and television station is airing the less then glamorous story about that politician.

It does not always matter if a story is true or not; the press and the public just want a salacious story. This is what happened to one politician who will remain anonymous for the purpose of this case study.

This politician was attacked, so to speak, by the press. They got hold of a juicy rumor about this politician and once they got one bite, they held on for more. The story was the focus of newspapers, tabloids, and news rooms for a period of time. Eventually, the story went from being the top story in a news segment to just being mentioned briefly in the broadcasts. But even so, the damage was done.

Because of this coverage, anyone who went online to look up any information about said politician was going to come across these negative stories first. Even the most openminded person will be influenced when the first thing they read about a person is negative. The politician became known for this story and all of the good work that the politician had done and continued to do was swept under the rug.

This politician did everything in their power to try to build back a strong reputation. But even when the newspapers, tabloids, and television shows ran a story about the good work that the politician was doing, it did not effect the search engines. The top search results when a person searched for this politician’s name was that negative story from the past.

Press teams for politicians do a wonderful job with handling current press releases and stories. But it is not typically within their realm of expertise to be able to control what happens online. Press teams can certainly post their own stories online but unfortunately are not adequate at erasing problems, like the politician in this story.

Fortunately, this politician realized that more help was needed and got in touch with a reputation management firm. Within just a couple of months, those negative stories were buried. Now, when people search for this politician on Google, Yahoo, or Bing, the good stories pop up first. People have to really dig through the search engine results pages to find even one snippet about the politician’s past negative press.

As you can see, reputation management can work for anyone. It worked for this politician and it can work for other people or businesses. No matter how large the story is, reputation management can make it dissapear.


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