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Case Study Two


Case Study Two

Any case that goes to court is bound to accumulate negative press. It does not matter what the case is about or how important the people on trial are. Any trial is going to catch the press’ interest. After all, someone is on trial for doing something that has broken the law. There is no way to spin breaking the law into a good story from the press. And there is nothing the press love more than an attention grabbing story.

In this particular case study, the current client of this reputation management company had gone to court. This client is a big marketing company so of course this trial received a lot of attention from all forms of press.

No matter what the judge rules the outcome to be, the press is going to go crazy with any company that sets a foot in to the courtroom. In this particular scenario, the company settled their case in the courtroom. But what happened afterwards severely damaged their reputation as a company.

Because of all the press that covered the trial, the stories flew with speculations and rumors. The company was in the spotlight but not in a good way. Even after the case was settled, the stories continued with more rumors and grumbling about the outcome.

It seemed like the company would never recover from this. Every search on the company came up with the stories about the trial. And they were not painting a in the best light. The company’s clients were uneasy with all of the negative press.

So, the company made a smart move and looked in to a campaign that would bring back the better press. They are great company but as a result of the court trial led them to having a less than grand reputation.

It was at this point that the company learned about online reputation management. Reputation management is a campaign process that works to achieve great reputations online for companies and people. Since online searches on this company resulted in stories about the trial, the company realized that online reputation management was exactly what they needed to get their feet back under them.

It took less than four months for this reputation management business to completely flip around the company’s search engine results. Through a process that has worked countless times before, the reputation management team was able to cover up the negative press about the trial and pull up much more positive and new stories in to the search engine results.

Now, when people search for information about the company, their search engine results list is not bombarded with stories about the past trial. Instead, the searchers will find correct information about the company, what they do, and how they can help future clients. The trial is a thing of the past and the online reputation management team helped it to remain that way.


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