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Case Study Three


Case Study Three

It is a tough position to be the boss. On top of having extra work and delegations, the boss is the one whose capability is reflected on how everyone else works. Along with that, the boss cannot truly be friends with his or her employees. After all, he or she has to take charge and give orders; no friendship is going to withstand that power imbalance.

The job title becomes even more tedious when the boss has to fire an employee. No one takes being let go easily. And in this case study, the boss took the hit.
Without going in to details, the boss, which in this case is a doctor, fired one of his employees. Basically, the former employee was just not working out with the doctor’s practice. Well, this former employee took the firing rather unwell and decided to seek revenge. The former employee took to the internet which is a dangerous tool in the hands of angry people.

It’s relatively easy to get something started on the internet. With a few bad reviews on sites like Yelp or the Yellow Pages, a person can impact future consumers from heading to a restaurant or hiring a plumber. And postings on social media sites can be just as effective. So as you can see, it was as simple as stroking a few keys on the keyboard and a few clicks of the mouse and this former employee was able to tarnish the doctor’s name.

Picking a doctor is something a person does with much thought. The patient wants the best treatment and care available. So you can see why it would be upsetting for a doctor to have negative reviews online. Even worse was knowing that this was a personal attack from someone that the doctor used to know and work with.

Not only was the doctor now not getting as many new patients, but he had to continually defend himself to current patients and colleagues. No one should have to explain themselves for something they are not guilty of. But in this particular scenario, that is exactly what the doctor had to do. The doctor knew that these online attacks had to stop and disappear.

He ended up with this reputation management firm. In just a few short weeks, the firm was able to eradicate of the postings from the former employee and get the doctor’s name back to its former glory. Consequently, the doctor has since gotten more clients and no longer has to defend himself.

A lot of people believe that reputation management is meant mainly for companies or businesses. But as shown through this case study example, it works just the same for one person. The tactics used to cover up the bad press are the same, it is just the target or the focus that changes. With the right team and right reputation management strategies, any bad story can disappear, while the great can shine at the top.


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