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Case Study Four


Case Study Four

Reputation is a powerful thing. Good or bad, reputation enters the room before you and sets the tone for how people react towards you. Having a good reputation can open the doors to many more opportunities. But a bad one? The door gets slammed in your face before hellos.

For the person in this particular case study, her reputation had taken a turn for the worse. She had done nothing wrong but her reputation was ruined because people associated her with a scandalous event.

Think of it this way: When someone goes to trial for committing a crime but is not found guilty, a majority of the public is not going to care what the judge ruled. They associate the person on trial with that crime and will likely label him or her for it. Whether or not the man or woman is guilty, they get a bad reputation for having to go to trial in the first place.

A similar event took place for a current client of this reputation management facility. This client was alleged involved in a scandal that the entire nation knew about. For privacy and safety purposed, let us not go in to detail about what this unsavory event was, or who this current client is. Just know, that by being associated, this person’s reputation was damaged seemingly beyond repair.

Blog posts, magazine articles, newspapers, television broadcasts–you name it, this client’s name was plastered all over it. And none of what was being said was nice.

So with all of the media, print and otherwise that showed this client’s name, it was bound to happen that when people searched online, all of these negative news stories would come flooding in. And all of this was a result of being falsely accused of involvement in a nationwide scandal.

The negative publicity was hurting the client’s life both personally and professionally and he or she knew that something had to be done to repair the irrevocable damage on the internet. The client wanted people to look his or her name up and find the positive things going on in his/her life, not the past event that he/she had been alleged involved in.

It was at this time said client came to this reputation management firm and sought our help. Within a short span of time, the staff at this firm was able to completely turn around the results that showed up on Google. Now, when people search for this client’s name, the first page of Google is filled with only positive listings. The listings highlight the client’s name and his/her brand so that people find what the client wants them to find, not the event that took place years ago.

And the great thing about constantly using reputation management, is that even if another negative PR story comes out later, it will still not make it on that first page of search results. Consequently, the negative publicity does not have to hold this client back any longer and he/she can focus his/her attention on her business rather than past problems.


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