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Common Reputation Repair Difficulties

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Reputation management experts are adept in various ways to help a client address problems in reputability. However, their reputation repair capabilities are not omnipotent. There are limits to what they can possibly do or achieve for their clients. Fixing a reputation is never easy especially as the Internet makes negative information disseminate faster while providing a platform for these negative information to become virtually indelible.


What makes reputation repair efforts more difficult? What are the challenges of rectifying a tarnished or broken image? The following discussions should shed light on these questions.


Negative opinions cannot be removed especially from the Internet.


Thanks to the oft-abused “freedom of speech” principle, reputations get easily mired by the unfavorable opinions and insinuations of malicious people who make it a habit to carelessly post their thoughts on the web. Opinion columns, the comment sections on online articles, blogs, and discussion boards can be filled with “criminally” negative or defamatory comments but there’s almost no way of stopping them.


Even the best reputation managers have no power to remove anyone’s unfavorable opinions online. The most that can be done is to attempt to drown these negative opinions into “unsearchability” by flooding the Internet with favorable content to send these negatives to lower search engine result rankings, making them almost invisible to most Internet denizens. The same applies to reputation-damaging social media posts. They may not be removed from the web but attempts to make them less “hot” or “trending” can be done.


It’s impossible to refute hard evidence.


Incriminating videos and audio recordings virtually mean the end of a person or company’s good image. It is very difficult to refute them. How do you say that an incident caught on video is not real when current technology is not that good yet to be able to create believable simulations of real incidents?


Video and audio evidences that damage a client’s character are a reputation manager’s nightmare. They can make almost anyone give up in trying to defend a client. Unfortunately (for reputation managers), people are more discerning nowadays. Repeat a lie often enough and it WILL STILL NOT become a truth. The Internet is filled with hoaxes but a lie created to debunk a credible evidence will never merit any bit of credence.




No matter how hard a reputation manager tries to belie accusations, a conviction in a court of law is still a conviction. People would more likely believe the opinions of a court of law over the assertions of a paid public relations specialist. That’s why it’s understandable if a reputation manager refuses to accept a client who has been convicted of a serious felony. Businesses sanctioned or penalized over their lack of product safety standards easily lost their credibility and it will be very difficult for a reputation manager to bring back whatever good image they had in the past.


Reputation repair plans can provide benefits to many people and organizations. However, you cannot expect them to be effective for all cases. There are just things or situations when even the best reputation experts become dismally inutile.



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