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Corporate Reputation Management Company and Consultants Changes Celebrity and Companies Social Media Reputation

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being interviewed by reporters, reputation management, celebrity, companies, company, consultants, corporate, social mediaDaily, every movement a celebrity makes is watched. The paparazzi report every minute detail: from what they are wearing, where they are eating lunch, to what type of lip gloss they are using. And in today’s world, this information is not only in the papers, on television, and in magazines. It’s also online.

Initially, the idea of reputation management was meant to extend the work of public relations outside of media relations (print, magazines, and the like). However, the work of reputation management companies extended further as the use of internet and social media to find out about celebrities gained popularity. The concern of PR consultants turned to watch with a much more focused eye on review sites, social media, and top search engine results for a company or celebrity.

With today’s world, the internet is everything. And it is easy for your reputation to flip from good to bad (or vice versa) based on but one photo that gets shared over Facebook, or a video clip that goes viral on YouTube. This has changed the game entirely. And, this is also where reputation management enters. The corporate institution works by keep watch over the reputation of an individual or brand, the good or bad. It can then determine what specific activities are making the reputation good or bad, and then addressing any problems that may arise. Sometimes, the management will use customer feedback (such as a poll or survey) to find how individuals feel about a certain brand or person. If caught early, a bad reputation can be reversed before it gets much worse. It’s akin to drinking extra orange juice and taking vitamins as soon as you get the sniffles to hedge against a full blown cold.

Besides polling or surveying the general population, a reputation management group can do a number of PR strategies to fix or maintain a good reputation for their client. This includes having a social media site to keep the public correctly informed and perform damage control when needed. However, it is important that social media be used properly. For instance, it’s a typical to want to respond immediately in crisis, but this can often lead to an angry, heated comeback post on Facebook. And once it’s out on the internet, it’s permanent. Having said that, there are some particular instances where an online response is needed immediately. Just a word of caution before leaping in to action–you don’t want to make a bad situation worse. Fight fire with water, not with more fire; unless you are looking to start an inferno.

It is human nature to defend our reputation using any tactics necessary. But, hastiness and leaping in to action is not always the best course of action. This is why the reputation management works so diligently to come up with the best strategic plan when it comes to online PR. A team constantly monitors the blogs, the websites, and the social media sites for anything the public is saying about a company or person while also incorporating their own comments. It is a constant PR battle to either improve a reputation or keep a reputation where it’s should be.



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An online reputation management company is very necessary when it comes to damage control, if your are a public figure or celebrity, when your profile faces an attack it may be stressful to deal with the circumstances. A 3rd party will not have the same emotional responses as soon, so can make a sound decision on how to counter the negative situtation.
This is great advice E-reputation, a lot of people tend to want to fight negativity with negativity which is the worst thing you can do in regards to damage control! Its really human nature to be contentious, but in this situation do not! And if you cannot deal with it, this is when you get a reputation management company!
Oh definitely, if you don’t know how to properly use social media websites to your benefit, it’s very important that you allow reputation management companies to do the job for you. Some high profile individuals (Anthony Weiner, Mylie Cyrus,Kanye West, etc.) have made disastrous decisions that effect their view in the public. If you don’t know what you’re doing, let them!
Reputation management companies are excellent for managing your perception from the media, and from the masses. I have some associates who are high profile, but still believe they are living in the age whey they can do and say anything without recourse. Not in 2013! Your online reputation matters heavily, regardless if you are a plumber or the pope!
Reputation management social media strategy is a great means of contacting and surveying customers, the beauty of it is everything is realtime, and it is a conversation that never ends.
Online reputation management companies are really great when your business is too busy to handling it inhouse, I own such as company and we are in a fast growing phase, so we outsourced the task. I’m very glad that we did because now we don’t have to stress over it!
Great article as usual e-reputationmanagment! Yes you must always be ready for damage control and have means to reverse an possibly incriminating post or review online. This is the nature of the internet, you must always be prepared! If you cannot handle it, hire a online reputation management company with expediency!
If you have personal profile online, and you do business for the most part online, it is of the most necessity to have a some sort of contingency plan to defend against attacks on your name and your company an online reputation management company is exactly what you need if you don’t know what to do.
I have had great experience with reputation management companies, I believe in outsourcing the tasks in your life that you are not skilled at, so you can focus on the things that you are skilled in. Most people are clueless when it comes to online perception, this is where a company such as E-reputationmanagement.com can step in and do their duty!
In regards to online business, social media reputation management is your story that you tell online! It's what content you bring to the table, and how you you operate!
Hi, I’m a small business owner and I’ve dealt with some online reputation management companies in the past. I’ve had some relatively good experiences, and some bad, what makes E-Reputationmanagement different?
A good friend convinced me to start social media reputation management. So i've engaged my clients more so, and told what my brand had to offer above the competitors on a daily basis. Sales are up and up!
Negative altercations and publicity can wreck complete havoc on your online profiles and really determine how you are view in the online world. In my experience, negatively online should not be ignored, but it is different to act upon due to your mind set (it is like your are physically attacked!). In these situations get a reputation management company. They are the best for the job, they care about you and they are experienced in dealing with these sorts of things!
If your aren't well versed on the web, especially the new web. You should for sure get some sort of reputation management social media plan. They know what their doing, and will free up your time!
When dealing with reputation management social media, one much survey your patrons and clients. Have real connections with them, and use them as a means of surveying your business. You can really learn a lot!
Hi James, this is Admin with E-Reputationmanagment.com. We are different then other online reputation management companies because our customer service is top notch, and we are actually concerned about you and the well being of your business. Our strategics effectively raise sales, traffic, and consumer perception. We are very experienced, and current and past clients will all give you positive testimonials about their experience.
Social media reputation management? Do it or regret it!
Reputation management consultants are always great to deal with do to the nature of their line of work! They solve problems and improve lives!
I must say that I did learn a lot reading this and the other articles you have posted to your blog E-ReputationManagement.com, everything from SEO, to how to main positive publicity, to reputation management consultants. I will share this article, and godspeed to your agency!
Yes, once a reputation management company is on the job, dealing with situations gone wrong online is far easier. I simply can not bear reading anything bad about my small business online, good think I don’t have to deal with it, and have someone to handle it!
Superb articles, and speaks many truths! Reputation management consultants are in order if you are a high or even medium profile individuals. The world has changed so fast, and some people simply are so far behind technically, they will not be able to understand these concepts. This is when you hire someone to take the burden off of your shoulder!
It seems that most public figures don’t realize that they too can benefit heavily from celebrity reputation management! With the press heavily obsessed with the negative and sladerous news, the positive never really gets a chance to shine. With a the right firm working for them, this can change drastically.
If I was in the lime light, I would definitely use celebrity reputation management. I’ve heard of high profile individuals loose advertisement deals and sponsors just based on how the public is receiving them.
Celebrity reputation management is a great idea, it makes even more sense for them to subscribe to the notion then that of a low profile individuals. Celebrities are constantly under attack, sometime on the daily. They really could benefit from a firm like E-reputationamanagement.


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