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Introduction to Reputation Management Services for Organizations

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The nature of reputation management services puts them under public relations functions. Companies and organizations hire reputation management experts to help them establish and maintain an identity that is appealing to the public, to current and potential customers in particular.


Typically, companies that offer reputation services provide these services in packages. They don’t offer single-approach solutions like doing just negative feedback suppression online or the production of positive/favorable online content. There are some that specialize in social media reputation management but most have all the various approaches combined in packages. It is usually a confluence of multiple reputation management solutions that may include some or all of the following:


Suppression of Negative Information


This is mainly done by preventing damaging articles, news, blogs, comments, reviews, photos, videos, and other online content from spreading any further. Of course, this is a very difficult task. The options available are limited since even laws could hardly prevent anyone from publishing almost anything.


One thing that can be done is to pay the source of the information to stop its publication. It is also possible to send threats of legal action. In the case of sites aimed at mocking or ridiculing a business, one possible remedy is to file a DMCA complaint and takedown request  if the site is using images and other multimedia content owned by the company being ridiculed.


Again, this is not an easy job. Suppressing negative or unfavorable information is unsuccessful in many cases that’s why the next approach (propagating favorable information) is also used.


Propagating Favorable Information


If the negative article or information has already widely circulated, the best option to take is to try to drown this negative information in a flood of positive content. Of course, articles that aim to counter the complaints or damaging rumors will have to be circulated but they are unlikely to be enough. To make sure that there is enough positive to counter the negative, it will be necessary to publish favorable content on blogs, press releases, or viral media. Some would even go as far as paying columnists or “journalists” for the relatively authoritative opinion.


Liaisoning with Influencers


Some reputation management experts have established a high level of reputation changing network as they also get to tap the influence of well-known personalities to back their clients’ claims or to counter negative opinions. They may advance their agenda with the help of media personalities. On the smaller scale, companies do this by building ties with review sites or the moderators of various online forums.


Search Engine Reputation Management


Search engines, especially Google, play a very important role in building online reputation. Until now, search engines are still the main tool for finding content online. If a search for a company’s name or brand yields results that include tons of negative articles, blogs, and reviews, don’t expect good reputation to come along. Reputation management experts deal with this problem by trying to outrank bad content with the good ones.


These are the most common approaches or methods reputation managers use to build, maintain, or fix the reputation of their customers. Having all four in a reputation management package is definitely preferable, although it will be more cost effective to settle with just the ones deemed to be good enough in dealing with the immediate reputation concerns.



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