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Negative Publicity Effect State Of Mind


Overwhelming Negative Publicity Can Effect Not Just Business But State Of Mind.

Negative publicity online can be a nightmare, but multiple instances of negative press can feel like Armageddon. One such instance was with a textile client who was experiencing negative press on multiple websites. Our client is a textile firm that creates many different types of garments. This company upon reaching out to us had reached a high-profile level, in which the emergence of online defamation becomes almost inevitable.

Small missteps on the business’ behalf, can be perceived as gigantic problems as competitors and sensationalists focus primarily on the bad topic (bad news and negativity always sell!).

This textile company faced huge problems. A majority of the first and second page on Google search results were negative. When you search for our client online you would find multiple negative stories, harmful blog and social media comments, and more.

Due to the prominence of the company, the harmful content was constantly refreshed online.

We sat down with with the company, and let them know that removal of all negative and articles and comments is not probably, however we can start damage control immediately.

The first task was to find the keywords that were the most harmful to the brand’s online image.

The list was confined to the most important phrases. These particular words pulled negative search results in publications, blogs, online newspapers, and other popular sites.

A strategy was then enacted, we created a one-year online reputation management plan with a focus on first page negative suppression. The management plan included a list of current positive content, newer content which would be created and scheduled, and strategic press releases.

Working close with the client, a content plan was created and initiated. Submissions to Google and Bing, in tandem with proactive SEO tactics helped improve the relevance of the existing and created content. In only two weeks, search page results began to improve!

In less than six months 80% positive domination of the first page of search engine results was achieved. 100% has been achieved in the past, however new negative content is consistent which must be continued to be suppressed.


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