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Personal Reputation Management Protection To Repair Bad PR

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what are they saying about you, reputation management, personal, PR, protect, protection, repairDoing anything well is much harder than doing things poorly. It is easier to be terrible than it is to excel. Just like it is easier to make a mediocre apple pie than it is to make an apple pie with a perfect golden crust and perfect sized slices of apples in the middle. Putting pie aside, as a small company it can be difficult to build a strong brand name let alone a good reputation with all the competition you may face.

When you are a smaller, more personal company, you are up against chain stores and other big businesses who have a name that precedes itself, not to mention their funding for large marketing campaigns. Todays tough economy is even tougher when you are the underdog.  Running a business is a difficult task in itself.  With the addition of the task of building a following and a reputation for being a great business is something a manager may simply not have the extra time for.

But PR is essential; a necessity for every company in order to keep up with its competition. Your company has the options of two different things here.  The company can hire another manager to take on the task of tackling PR problems and  building positive reputation, or the company can hire a professional reputation management to shoulder the important and time consuming task.

So first off: what is reputation management?  Put simply, it is a team of individuals that manage your business reputation management.  For starters, the team diagnoses the status of your company’s reputation.  As a small business just starting out, it has a good reputation. You are untarnished and people are unaware about it, so they do not have much to say one way or the other.  This is the optimum time for a reputation management to come in; you do not have to wait for negative reviews for them to help.  Although a team can repair a bad reputation, it is always better for the company’s image if there was never a bad reputation to begin with.

Once the team is situated, it works to build up and protect the company’s reputation.  This may includes monitoring all forms of media, both online and offline.  Along with keeping an eye on things and having a defense, the team also has an offensive side.  This means that the reputation management produces its own posts on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, on blogs, and the company’s website.

In summary, the reputation management team does three things: build, maintain, and recover.  It builds a reputation then maintains it.  If it has to, the team can recover a company’s reputation if for whatever reason, it has gotten a bad reputation.

Simply put, it may not seem like so difficult of a job.  But it is a constant struggle whether you are reversing a reputation, building one up, or simply maintaining it.  Above all, it takes a lot of time out of one’s day.  It is full time job which not everyone is capable of.  Which does your company need? Another manager or a reputation management company?



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What an excellent article as usual E-Reputationmanagement! As a business owner, I have heard about reaching out to possible and existing consumers by means of social media websites, however I just don’t have the time or technical know now to use it as a reputation changer. What do you guys suggest?
Hello Alda this is Admin with E-reputationmanagment, yes social media websites when engaged with an effective strategy can be an extremely effective reputation changer. If you simply do not have the time to do this yourself, we can be contracted to alleviate this task. We will sit down with you and analyze your online profile, we will see what is working what isn’t, an devise an immediate plan of action. For more information call us at 213-673-1453, so we can schedule a meeting!
It is hard to maintain a solid perception online, this is where reputation management PR comes in!
I’m really in need of reputation repair, my website received some really terrible reviews. This is a great article, E-reputationmanagement, as it shows your extremely knowledge in this field. I’ll be contracting you guys for some work, expect a phone call by the end of the day.
Yes, we small business owners do have it more difficult as we have to fight much harder to retain a good image. The large companies and corporations don’t really have to worry much about reputation protection as much, due to their multiple franchises and marketing budget. Stay strong small businesses, fight the good fight!
E-reputationamanagement was recently hired for reputation repair and management, and wow are we happy we hired them! We are seeing immediate results on Google and Bing, and the telephones are off off the hook!
Totally correct, there is no better reputation changer then social media in this day an age, you can talk directly to the consumers, find our what they want and need, and even use them as a direct sales channel. Before it was difficult to find out what your patrons were thinking, but today you can survey them anytime and anywhere!
Reputation repair and management will save your business! If your have any sort of negative testimonials, it can be repaired!
Oh yea, we just a started reputation repair and management service after a bad negative attack on our business. It is almost disappeared online, it really works!
Reputation protection can do WONDERS for your business, as a restauranteur, we are at always on a tight rope as bad service, food sickness, etc. can happen at any given time. Now I don’t even think about my online presence, E-reputationmanagement handles it all for you!
As the senior manager at a company I definitely believe that reputation protection is in order at any and all stages off your growth. Wether you handle it in house, or if you contact E-reputationmanagement.com, there must be someone with a watchful eye taking care of your PR.
If you have even neutral reviews online, you need reputation repair as soon as possible! In this new economy it’s all about word of mouth, especially online worth of mouth, and people only go to the businesses with excellent reviews online.
Edgar Is correct, I’m a web entrepreneur and when I attend any sort of business I looking for the excellent reviews, and although it’s impossible to review 100% positive reviews in business, the ones that impress me the most are the ones with excellent reputation repair, it actually makes you look like a better business because it shows your flexibility, and how great your customer service really is!
I wish I knew this was possible a year ago! An estranged lover went on a negative campaign to tarnish my name, but I never knew I could have backup like E-reputationmanagement.com to protect my reputation.
Your story is terrible, I’ve heard plenty like it before which is why I now protect my reputation with an online management firm, I highly suggest it!
Gosh James..... That’s the problem with the internet, is that anyone can publish an article or posts about anyone negatively anonymously, I understood this along time ago, which I had steps in place to protect my reputation.
Anyone of you out there with experience with reputation management pr?
Hey June! Reputation management pr it's the best decision my startup ever made! Seriously, it helps with sales, promotions, and reviews, I highly suggest it!


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