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Reputation Management Firms, Google Experts, Create the Best Definition of an International Hotel

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what is your charcter about your reputation, reputation management, definition, expert, firms, Google, hotel, internationalIt’s well know that certain international hotel chains have a bad rap. The thought of staying in one of their rooms is even cringe worthy. And how do we know this? From their reputation of course, from what our friends, family, and neighbors have told us. Also, from searches on Google. It’s in the reviews and on the websites which hotels are acceptable and which you should avoid at all means. In the hotel business, reputation is everything and it can be difficult to acquire once it’s gone.

Once a reputation has been tarnished, it’s a nearly impossible feat to retrieve. But, there are two ways that you can counter a bad reputation. One, don’t get a bad reputation in the first place. Seems simple enough right? Two, hire a reputation management company. Actually in both cases, you should still get a reputation management company because there are three parts of the job of a reputation management expert: build a reputation, maintain a reputation, and recover a reputation. So in either situation, a reputation management company can help. The building a reputation aspect comes in when a business is just starting off. These are the early stages when no one really knows what to think. Therefore, these are also the most critical stages of a business’ reputation. From here, it can go either really good or really bad. A reputation management helps to make it go the former Then, like the name suggests the maintenance part comes into play. Once a good reputation is created, the company of course, wants to sustain it. The reputation management works towards this goal. And the third part comes in whenever a bad reputation is received. This part works by hiding the bad reputation with even better marketing and self-promotion. Once this is achieved, the reputation management can go back to the maintenance aspect.

The definition of reputation management is “the practice of understanding or influencing an individual’s or business’s reputation”. In layman’s terms, it means one of these firms is going to do a number of PR related activities to improve or maintain a hotel firm’s reputation. Some of these PR related activities include:

  • Blogging with blog posts that are updated every day
  • Directory listings with a listing on a website in directories using optimized words
  • Direct reviews with making sure that there are good reviews of the hotel on the websites
  • Online publicity with written articles, links and banners
  • Social networking with posts on Facebook, tweets on Twitter, and others

These are general tactics and while also just a basic outline of what can be done, a plan will be created and tailored specifically to meet the needs of your company. Every situation is a little bit different and a brand reputation management company will see that the correct plan is used to work specifically for your situation.



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Yup, I’m a entrepreneur who travels a lot throughout the year, and I can attest that hotel reputation management is extremely important. Since my hotel rooms are not comped, they are coming out of my pocket. I look for a mix between affordability and how sanitary the facilities are! And the only way I find these is by looking at their reviews that they have online.
Hotel reputation management is a no-brainer! If there is one business that people will try to find out information on, its a hotel, this business is perhaps second only to restaurants that people will want to check out.
Yes, nice blog post E-reputation! I agree that for the hotel reputation management is not only needed, it is a necessity!
Still debating whether or not to deal with reputation management firms? Contemplate no more! They work! It's as simple as that.
Well, I for one was actually deliberating with my companies management on of it would be best in our interest to deal with any available reputation management firms. But I'm glad we did!
This makes a lot of sense, google reputation management and you will see exactly how essentially this is to modern day commerce, whether you deal with a product or a service. This applied directly to whatever you are doing.
People really have no idea as to the powerful effects of SEO reputation management as well as a reputation management firm, it really should be comma sense! You are targeting the specific customers who are looking for your business, and allowing them to find you first! How could you not want this for your business?
Those small businesses that have received negative testimonials, I’ve been there. I know how it feels, and how you always have to defend the quality of your product/service, It’s well worth it to hire a reputation management firm such as E-reputationmanagment.com for their SEO reputation management services.
Reputation management firms are you way out of the negative review hell, that's afflicted so many small businesses before you!
Just google reputation management, and see all of the articles. This is a new and important notion that businesses need to understand!
Chandra, you're totally correct. I did google reputation management this is a serious field, something as a entrepreneur I should of acknowledged a lot time ago. I’m going to continue researching what I need to do change how my companies reputation is viewed online.
In regards to international reputation management, it depends on how global your business is. You should do a survey to find out exactly how many travelers vista your place of business on a regulars, and then target those specific countries. In regards to the online world, it is all about relevance and contextual strategy!
SEO, social media, websites, etc. is extremely time consuming, and for a old dog like me, I’m 57, it’s hard to learn these new tricks! I’d rather use a third party reputation management expert to handle this!
We now live in a globalized society! International reputation management is super important. Its not the good old days where people would just lodge in any place that gives them a good deal. I can find reviews on hotels from China to Chile in minutes, this is big! It’s really a game changer, so businesses need to catch on.
Frank you are correct sir, the world has become much smaller. International reputation management more and more is become relevant, air travel is cheaper then it's ever been. Who known who is searching for your company, from who knows! You must have a great reputation online, and globally!
I’m a small business but I don’t get any clients from the internet, everything is offline word of mouth. We don’t even have a website as of today, how can a Reputation Management Expert benefit someone like me?
Hello Corey! This is the admin and Reputation Management Expert with E-reputationmanagement! Regardless if you have a website or not (however we highly suggest that you do), your potential clients are searching google looking for you, and ranked levels will dictate how accessible your are to these people. That is the importance of SEO, Reputation Management, and Online strategy!
This article speaks truth, people really are unaware as to the power behind their words. A simply negative review which took 10 minutes to write, can be absolutely disastrous for your business. Thankfully you can be proactive and hit a reputation management firm to successfully navigate you around these road blocks.


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