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Managers Work At Internet Reputation Management: For Managing An Online Business

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thee girls talking to eachother about your reputation,reputation management, Internet, manager, managers, managing, on line, onlineWhile the tabloids are still important and not yet fully outdated, the online world has much influence as well. And it is just as easy to post something negative as it is to post something positive.  This is why the online world is every business manager’s nightmare, but is also his or her greatest weapon.

Managing a business is hard enough without a manger having to worry about what people are saying online.  This is where it becomes essential to have assistance. Enter: the reputation management experts. The phrase “reputation management” may seem meaningless so let’s break it down.

Your business’s reputation is everything.  It is what draws more customers due to positive reviews about your business, or in reverse makes customers run screaming in the opposite direction. You don’t want the latter.  And it can be difficult to acquire the first one because as a manager, you already have a lot on your plate to considerate.  You simply don’t have the time to see what the latest post on Facebook says about your business.  The reputation management  then steps in to alleviate that task for you.

But don’t get the wrong impression.  Reputation management does not mean sitting on Facebook all day.  Monitoring social media is only a small part of the equation.

Reputation management also ensures that your business is represented in the best possible light on local business listing websites.  Most of your business is coming in locally and if it’s not, that is where you want to concentrate on first.  The best and easiest way to get the locals to come to your business is to let them know that you are there.  The reputation management looks in to how easily you can locate your business online.  They can make profile pages that are correct and presented so your business is exhibited at its best.  They can also use popular sites like Yelp, Yellowpages.com (they will also make sure you are properly represented in the print copy of the yellow pages), Citysearch, Foursquare, and the most recent addition, Facebook Places.  The best and perhaps the worst thing about being online is that it is easy to update information. It’s the best because reputation management can change the name, address, phone number, store hours, websites, product photos, and different services and offerings with a few taps on the keyboard and clicks of the mouse.  It’s bad because this makes it just as easy for people to give your business a bad review and consequently, a bad reputation.

But that aside, the internet has its benefits.  Once you have a stellar website in place and the locals can find you, the next step for the reputation management to tackle is social media.  This includes making a profile page.  It allows the business to connect on a personal level with consumers as well as let them know about any changes, specials, and all things great about your company.  This builds the reputation that your company cares and wants to hear from the community.

It may not seem like much but all or a combination of these builds the reputation you want your company to have.  The reputation management works to get you started if you haven’t already, and then it helps to maintain your online presence.  All it takes is one bad PR and all your hard work is gone down the drain.  Reputation management monitors the bad and counters the unforeseen negativity with positivity .



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There are plenty of people that could benefit from a little online reputation management, thats for sure.
Yes, I’m a 35 year old entrepreneur and most of my competitors are baby boomers with little to no online reputation managment! This certainly gives me a leg up on business.
Since the first day I was introduced to our reputation manager, things have never been better for our business! Sales are up, and we don't have to define ourselves against the negative reviews anymore!
Reputation managers are a godsend! I simply could not free up the spare time to deal with the online aspects of our business. Contracting a firm to handle it was the best thing we could of done!
I love my reputation manager! He's really improved the status of our company, things are really improving on our end!
I’ve been managing my reputation online since the very first social media sites started, and currently my businesses ranking is way ahead of my competitors in the google rankings! They of course don’t know about my little trade secret!
I’m trying to convince my best friend to start managing reputation online, his business is doing well. But he doesn’t understand that if he did manage his online profiles that his business would be doing great.
Yes, reputation managers really can make such as different for your enterprise, sooner then later however!
Most certainly! You need a reputation manager to deal with SEO and social media! You're too business dealing with actually business to worry about it!
It is really, really important to manage reputation online, just like the article states, no matter how great your business is doing you are really at the whim of one bad client, or patron, or customer. Negative news spreads like wildfire! So you need to be proactive and ready for whatever comes!
I’ve been studying online reputation management for quite a while, and it’s still unbelievable how foreign it is to older business owners. They need to catch on very quickly or go the way of the dinosaur!
I give this suggest to every entrepreneur I meet! Get yourself involved with some reputation managers as soon as humanly possible!


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