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Corporate Reputation Management Services and Internet Online Compay Branding

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man concerned about his reputation management, Internet, online brand, corporate, companies, company, servicesWhat is online reputation management?  Basically, it is an online service that works at protecting how consumers view your online company.  Online presence can go in either two directions: good or bad.  Reputation management works at getting rid of the bad online presence – negative blog posts, reviews, articles, etc. Reputation management also works buy highlighting great online material so companies are able to spread their best offerings out onto the internet.

Internet companies and their reputations ride solely on how they are perceived online.  One of the tasks of reputation management is to control search results and greatly improve online reputation.  This includes keeping a close eye on how search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing view your online brand.  In the online corporate world, these three sites are essential to watch.  If consumers search and are shown the negative things about your site at the top of the search engine results on Google or Bing, they are not going to research your company any further.  Your company’s reputation will speak for itself.

What does a reputation management company do?  For starters, professionals in the reputation management field will start your company on the path of social media strategy.  One mistake amateurs do is to create profiles on every possible social media website.  But frankly, this is a waste of time and will give your company the opposite image that is intended. Rather than go for mass quantity, you want to go for great quality.  Professionals in reputation management know that this means starting up profiles on the top social media websites.  This can include the following:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Flickr

These are the key social media websites but based on what type of company you are and what your needs are, the reputation management consultants will set up profiles on the most relevant sites that will improve your online rankings the best.

When filling out a profile, it is essential to fill it out correctly.  After all, it is your business that you are promoting.  This means providing your correct information.  For example, using your full name or exact brand name.  Also, make sure to fill out the profile to its fullest extent.  The more information consumers know about you, your company or brand, the better feelings they will have.

Creating a profile on these sites is just the beginning.  A profile page alone is not going to drastically change your rankings for the better.  Once a page is created, you have to follow through on what the social media site is geared towards.  YouTube for example would means regularly uploading videos, and for Facebook it means making friends and writing posts.  And this of course includes the other social media sites.  It won’t do you any harm to set up a page and let it be, but it won’t do you or your company any good either.

Having good exposure on social media sites is the first major step in improving or maintain your good reputation on the internet.  Once you take that first step, you and your company are well on your way to having a positive reputation on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and in your customer’s mind.



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Hey guys, thanks for this article, I’ve learned quite a bit skimming through your posts! I’m new to the whole internet thing, and especially new in regards to the concept of corporate reputation management, I just started blogging which is confusing entirely by itself! What topics do you suggest my company write about?
Hello John, this is the Admin with e-reputationmanagment.com. Congratulations on with starting the blog, we feel that blogging is an excellent medium in regards to corporate reputation management, you can use it to shine light on news, products/services, milestones in your business, and general information as well! We also offer personally tailored strategies for businesses of any size! Give us a call at 213-673-1453 at your earliest convenience for more information!
Internet reputation will make or break your business, its not like the 90s or even 2000s, to truly be competitive in this day and age you must be great online and offline!
Brand reputation management is extremely important as these days anyone can anonymously attack your business, I was a victim untill I decided on becoming proactive by hiring a firm which specializes in it.
Thanks E-rep once again for this article, really informative on brand management! For a few years I was really confused as to the concept of what a brand is, so how could I embark on any sort of brand management if I didn’t even get this gist? Like the old idiom says, you’ve got to crawl before you walk! Anyways, I’ve decided on hiring your company for consulting as our family owned business has recently become under fire, I look forward to working with you!
I finally see what the hype is about internet reputation management companies are! These testimonials are amazing!
Brand management (specifically online) is absolutely necessary in 2013 and going on 2014. With the advent of user generated reviews, it seems as if web based word of mouth is driving a majority of business these days, we must find a way to control how our businesses are perceived, or hire a company such as E-Reputation to do our brand management for us!
Company reputation management is no longer just a side aspect of your job, in our contemporary times it really IS the job you need to be focusing on.
I’m a 51 year old business owner and I remember when brand management meant simply having a great conversation with your customers and providing good services, my have times changed! I’ve been doing a lot of research on brand management and how I can make my family owned business look better online, and this particular article has been a lot of help. Thanks guys!
Indeed! I’ve been researching internet reputation management companies, regardless of your company’s size, they are highly suggested as they prove more value to your progress then the money that they charge!
I’ve heard of company reputation management before, but I never really understood the process behind it. Thanks guys, this article was extremely informative.
I need help! I'm own a few ecommerce websites and do honest business, however one of my competitors recently went to a negative campaign creating false reviews! How can I use brand reputation management to erase the bad testimonials? This is terrible, the negative reviews are starting to effect my sales!
Hello Roy! This is the admin with E-ReputationManagement.com, we suggest reading this article and a few more on our blog for help specifically on brand reputation management. But can assure you that there is no need to worry, we have assisted hundreds of businesses in the past, and your circumstance is no different. If your interested with a one and one consultation, please give us a call at 213-673-1453.
People already have negative notions in regards to large companies, so they must have some sort of online corporate reputation management. The larger the company the most they should invest into making sure that their reputation is great online.
I’m handling the internet reputation management for my own small business and this article was more the informative, I’ve taking your advice and started uploading tutorials on youtube, lets see how our traffic changes, hopefully for the better!
Corporate reputation management is extremely necessary in 2013 going on 2014, everything is more personal, more connected, the world is shrinking faster then ever. This means that an mishaps that occurs in your place of business will be online and documented within a few days. Definitely use some of these tips in regards to your company!
Hello e-reputationmanagement! When it comes to internet reputation management, which online profiles do you suggest? There really is a lot to choose from, and we want to make a solid decision and stick with it.
People looking to embark in online corporate reputation management for the first time should definitely acknowledge LinkedIn before all of the other social media websites. They have made much strides in regards to B2B communication, as finding new customers, as well as become a great resource for possible employees.
Jolyn is right, LinkedIn is certainly my number one choice for starting any type of online corporate reputation management. I used it for my company and it has helped us plenty as we can connect other social media websites to it as well as connect with leaders in our field. I highly recommend it.
Hi Blake, I’ve found linkedin and twitter to be excellent tools for internet reputation however social media nodes are different, and all of them feature different demographics. For example, Pinterest is great for e-commerce websites, and Linkedin is great for Law firms. You need to make a choice based on the type of business that you’re in.
So what happens when a business get lot of negative internet reputation? Is it over for them? It seems like everything that happens online is permanent.
Hi Ricardo, this is Admin with E-Reputationmanagment.com. It’s unfortunate that anyone can leave negative comments about any business, especially unwarranted negative testimonials. The good thing is the google results can be pushed down so low that it is deemed invisible. We here at E-reputationmanagement.com specialize in how to down push the negative, and push up the positive. Send us an email, we’re here to help you!
I’m the head of my company reputation management, and the best mode of action is to hire an agency like E-reputationmanagement.com, as well as work on you reputation in-house. This means advocating positive reviews, and making sure that you provide great service to your customers.
Internet reputation management companies can transform the very dynamic of your personal or company presence. I highly suggest them to any and all business no matter if your a plumber or a hair stylist.


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