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The Need for SEO Reputation Management

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Search engine optimization or SEO is something almost every business with online activities employ. However, not many realize how important it is to have SEO reputation management. Many get busy with trying to outrank their competition in certain common keywords but they may have neglected optimizing their own brand name, company name, or product name.


Of course, it is very important to compete in certain keywords that will bring in the customers. It is equally important, however, to also protect the name of your brand, company, or product. You may top search results for a keyword such as “affordable tablet” but if a search for your brand name yields unflattering or even negative results, your credibility as a manufacturer and seller evaporates. Think of how customers would react when they find pages on how your products suck, how your tablets break down in a matter of days, or how laggy your devices are as they search for your brand name or company name online.


Yes, you need it if you rely on search engines for your online presence.


As explained above, you will always want to avoid getting associated with negative customer feedback, bad reviews, or unfavorable comments. If your company is new and you don’t have connections with more popular players in your niche, topping search engine results is your best bet in competing.


You can pay for online ads to promote your business but nothing beats being on top of search engine results. Besides, many people abhor online ads so putting all your bet on them for your awareness and marketing campaign is simply unwise.


Some may argue that nobody is likely to search for a startup company’s name so there’s no need to bother with an SEO reputation management effort. Well, this could be true to a very minimal extent. It’s important to remember, however, that as soon as people get to know your business and try to inquire more about you, they will very likely start searching for your name. If you haven’t cleaned up the search results for your name, don’t expect the bad news to be slow in propagating.


Yes, you need it even if you only run a brick and mortar store.


Even those who don’t have online business activities should consider search engine reputation management. This is because customers of non-online businesses also look for information about such businesses online. You can’t tell customers not to ask about you online simply because you’re doing a purely non-online business. If anyone on the Internet tries misrepresenting your business or accuses your business of poor safety standards, how will you react? Will you just ponder over why your sales suddenly dropped when your recent promo campaigns have been well received?


No, you may not need it if you are as big as Apple, Microsoft, or Coca Cola


Perhaps, you will not need a good SEO strategy for your reputation management if you are a well-known company, if your business is something news outfits are quick to cover. Also, you may not need it if you have legions of fans who will devotedly defend you online and create a deluge of online content that will dwarf any attempt to besmirch your online image.


Establishing and maintaining a good online reputation through search engine optimization is generally necessary. You don’t really have to spend for it. You may be able to do it yourself but it is preferable to get an expert if you really want sure results.



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