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Website, Social Media and Reputation Management Strategies

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the super hero of reputation management, social media, strategies, web, websiteIn this digital day and age, everything you need to know is online.  For a business, this means updating and evolving the way your company provides service.  In other words however, this means the creation of a website.  The web page for your business can be as simply as an informational one (name, store address, business hours, specials, etc.), or it can be another way for consumers to purchase your products.  This is phenomenal because it broadens the scope of your company; customers no longer have to live directly in your vicinity.  With the ability to reach more people, you can acquire more customers.

The next step to fully embracing the digital domain is to tackle social media.  The easiest task is to create an account and set up a profile on the two main social media destinations: Facebook and Twitter.  Those are the big two, and if you are a newbie are also the best ones to start on.  You can always work your way up to any of the other social sites (Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc.).  The best part is that these sites are always free, so basically it’s free PR.

Once your profile is established, the reins are yours.  You have opened up a portal for consumers to interact on a more personal level with your company.  It allows you to get feedback and to hear complaints and compliments. Social media for your company will be both a blessing and a curse.

The thing about social media is that it will be a constant task to maintain it.  You can’t work on it one day and forget about it for the rest of the week.  It has to be consistent.  Otherwise, you will be starting all over again each time you forget about it.  But there’s not need to fret, if you aren’t up for the task, there are people who are professionals at this.

Some of these professionals go by title reputation management.  Reputation management basically means that they keep watch over the reputation of your company.  This doesn’t just mean that they report to you what the people are saying.  They also build your company a good reputation or fix your company’s bad one, and once the good reputation is established, they help maintain it.  This good reputation comes along with great PR campaigns, mainly on the previously mentioned social media avenues.  And the good news for those of who have yet to figure out social media, is that the reputation management team can sort through the mess of friending or following people and the rest of social media mumbo jumbo.

The reputation management strategies include keeping a watchful eye on what others are posting about your company, and then agreeing with them if it is good, and/or counter attacking with posts of their own if the post was negative.  It is a time consuming task that as previously stated, has to be kept up all the time.



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I know quite a few businesses that are in dire need of reputation management and social media. The older generation especially have difficulties with this concept!
Reputation management strategies vary, make sure you pick the ones best for your individual situation as well as deal with the right firm.
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Not only is reputation management and social media a requirement to conduct business these days, but without a website you simply don’t exist!
Yes, you most certainly need some reputation management strategies if things are not going you way. But even if things are going your way there is always room for improvement!
Web reputation management is in order as soon as you begin web development! You must look at it as a means to an end, in with the end being success and sales!
I will do web reputation management once our website is completed, I'm going to hire E-reputationmanagement.com, their reviews are quite superb!
Well of course the baby boomers are not understanding reputation management and social media! These things are but a few years, and they are used to doing business are usual for the last 30 plus years! Then these new concepts come along in a few years and totally dictate how business operates, I really sympathize with them, but they need to wake up and smell the coffee!


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